Prevent your pet’s possible heat exhaustion.

Is your pet at risk of heat exhaustion?

During hot weather conditions it is vitally important to keep your dog cool and provide plenty of cool water. When you see your dog panting, drooling or it seems out of it; you should pay extra attention to them to avoid potential heat strokes. If possible, make all reasonable attempts to keep their body temperature cool.

Don’t count on leaving your pet, especially dogs, to fend for themselves especially if your home’s internal temperature is uncomfortable to you or your loved ones. Remember, your pets exposure to heat is less tolerable compared to that of its human counterpart.

What to do if your AC system in Los Angeles or Orange County needs repairs but your dog is too hot.

Summer heat Orange County air conditioning systems in Downey CA

DO NOT wait until the last minute to fix your air conditioner. Waiting times can extend for weeks or months for qualified repair professionals during high heat weather conditions. Our team of technicians will help identify any problems with your AC or home comfort system and recommend the best repairs or replacement options suitable for your home.

  • First, make sure you have plenty of cool water. Add some ice to your pets water bowl if possible.
  • Make sure you have some ventilation in the home. Your pet will most likely find the coolest place to lay and rest to minimize heat strokes.
  • If you see your pet panting; grab some ice in a bag and start padding them. While we are more sensitive to ice, your pet will thank you. Go for the groin area. That’ll sure cool them off quick. Avoid ice burns of course.
  • If you cannot cool your pet fast enough, take it to a vet immediately. Dogs are especially vulnerable to heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and dehydration.
  • Call our office to schedule an appointment to have our Air Conditioner pros inspect your system and provide you with AC repair or replacement options.

You may be able to finance your new air conditioner or home comfort system!

If you need financing for your new home comfort system or air conditioning system, call us to request additional information. If financing is available for your particular set-up, we will provide you with the necessary information and steps to see if you qualify.

Keep your pets cool or warm under any weather condition.

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