When to Call for Air Duct Repair

Signs That Ductwork Repair is Needed 

Instead of neglecting the ductwork of a central AC system, homeowners should learn to recognize the signs that it needs repairs. By spotting the signs that show that air ducts are damaged, homeowners can call for duct repair to improve comfort and health in their home, treat problems like poor airflow and keep energy bills in check. Here are the common signs that ductwork repair is needed. 

Stubborn Odors and Noises 

smellWhen hot or cold air blows through ductwork, the temperature changes and causes the ducts to expand or contract. Over the years, the constant cycling of the system can stress ductwork and cause it to pull loose from anchors and weaken the joints between types of ducts. As these joints weaken, they can start to make noise when they expand and contract or when clanging against walls or other parts of the ductwork. Additionally, air leaks in the ducts can also cause a whistling noise. If ductwork has gotten noisy over the years, having a technician look at it and make the necessary repairs is essential. 

In addition to being noisy, ductwork that needs repairs can emit strong odors that can’t be covered up. When ductwork ages, it can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew or get infested by pests that can threaten the health of those in the home. Duct cleaning and resealing can mitigate these problems in homes with a constant musty odor. 

Airflow Problems and Poor Circulation 

Airflow issues related to air ducts can manifest in various ways, such as uneven heating or cooling and inadequate ventilation. One common cause of airflow problems is a dirty or clogged air filter. A dirty filter restricts the air that can pass through, resulting in decreased airflow and reduced efficiency. Additionally, air leaks and breaks in the duct system due to old age, improper installation, animals/pests entering the system, or damage can cause air to escape into wall cavities or attic spaces instead of circulating correctly throughout a home. 

A blockage inside the ducts can also affect airflow by limiting the amount of air that can be circulated. Inspecting the ductwork for any visible signs of damage and regularly changing air filters are essential for maintaining good airflow. If a homeowner suspects their ducts may be damaged or leaking due to poor airflow or uneven airflow,  professionals should be consulted to find and fix the issue. 

Energy Bills That Are Out of Hand 

billsDuctwork is insulated to make the air conditioning as efficient as possible. Over time the insulation on air ducts can degrade, air leaks can occur, and loosened joints in ductwork can allow cool air to escape. These issues result in a loss of conditioned air, so the air conditioner must run longer to cool a home to compensate for the loss. 

When air conditioners have to run longer, energy bills will rise, so homeowners should have their ducts inspected and repaired as soon as they notice the signs that their ductwork is damaged to keep the energy bills in check. Get control of utility bills and prevent wasting more money to cool a home by calling HVAC contractors for air duct repair! 

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