Downey Air Conditioner Filter Replacement

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Benefits of Routine HVAC Filter Replacement

You depend on your HVAC system year-round to keep you comfortable. However, many people put off routine maintenance, including filter replacement. Changing filters regularly is beneficial, and here’s why.

  • It Extends Your System’s Lifespan
    Neglect is one of the primary causes of HVAC failure. You spend a lot of money on your heating and cooling system, so keeping it running for as long as possible makes sense. Dirty filters cause your system to work harder, reducing its lifespan. So, routine filter changes are an easy, cost-effective way to ensure your system lasts and runs efficiently.
  • It Improves Indoor Air Quality
    We’re spending more time indoors than ever before, so it’s crucial to your health to breathe clean air. A good air filter removes most of the dust, pollen, pathogens, and other particles that can cause respiratory issues and exacerbate allergies, which is essential for young children and elderly adult
  • It Saves Energy
    Energy costs continue rising, so it’s wise to save every penny you can. Clogged HVAC filters cause the system to work harder to do its job, which requires more energy, and you could end up with sky-high heating and cooling bills.

If you’re unsure how to change your HVAC filter or don’t know which one to purchase, call Lambert Heating and Air Conditioning and let one of our trained experts take care of it.

How Often Should I Replace My Furnace Filter?

Ask five people how often one should change their furnace filter, and you’ll probably get five different answers. However, experts recommend changing it at least every three months, but there are caveats. Your filter changing frequency depends on how thick the filter is and what’s going on in your home. For example, a filter less than two-inches thick should be replaced every 3 to 6 months, while a four-inch filter can go 6 months to a year before needing replacement.

Another factor that affects filter replacement frequency is your indoor air quality. If you have pets, their dander can clog the filter quicker than if you didn’t have them.

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