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No matter how well you maintain your air conditioner, it will eventually reach the end of its life. When your system is past its prime and can’t keep you comfortable anymore, or the repair costs are adding up, call Lambert Heating and Air Conditioning to discuss your AC replacement options. We’re a family-owned and operated company that’s served Los Angeles County for four decades. We pride ourselves in delivering A+-rated customer service and offer solutions tailored to your needs.

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HVAC System Cut-In Service

Many homeowners who don’t have air conditioners ask whether it’s possible to add a system to their home, and of course, the answer is that yes, it is possible. Some opt for window air conditioners, while others consider ductless systems. However, installing a whole-house option is often the most economical way to go, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the outset.

If you’re considering adding an air conditioning system to your home, but are on the fence, here are some things to consider.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality Besides providing cold air to every room in the house, an air conditioner installation can help everyone breathe easier. Central AC systems turn over high volumes of air throughout the day and circulate it throughout the house.
  • You May Not Need Ductwork One concern homeowners without central AC units have is whether they’ll need ductwork installed, which can be expensive. However, if you have a forced-air furnace, you may already have the required ductwork suitable for an air conditioning system. We have options to connect whole-home cooling systems to your existing ductwork that make installation quicker and more affordable.
  • Lower Indoor Humidity Another function your air conditioner provides besides cooling is to keep indoor humidity levels in check. Central air conditioners regulate indoor humidity to keep you comfortable, giving you a respite from the summer heat.

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Downey AC Replacement

The average cost of an air conditioner is about $8,000, so it makes sense to use your system for as long as possible to get the most out of your investment. However, your air conditioner will eventually need to be replaced, even with annual maintenance and tune-ups. So, how do you know when your system is ready for the scrap heap? Here are the most common signs to watch for.

  • Age A typical air conditioner will last between 20 and 25. Many factors, including your maintenance routine and usage habits, determine how long it will last. Having said that, if your air conditioner is over twenty years old, it’s wise to plan on replacing it soon.
  • Frequent Repairs It’s common for air conditioners to require more repairs during the last few years of their lives. So, if you notice you’re calling a professional every year to keep your system running, it’s a telltale sign that it’s time to replace it, so you’re not throwing money into a system past its prime.
  • Higher Energy Bills Regular air conditioner maintenance and tune-ups help keep your system running efficiently and your energy costs in line. However, age takes its toll no matter how diligent you are, and eventually, your system will use more power to do its job, causing a spike in energy bills.
  • Your AC Uses Freon The refrigerant R-22 or Freon was banned from production in the United States in January 2020, so if your system uses R-22, you’ll pay exorbitant prices to recharge it —that is, if any stock is left. The good news is that air conditioners made to use Freon are already past their expected lifespans, so if you need a recharge, it’s best to consider upgrading to a new unit instead.

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