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Bellflower Furnace Repair Service

You may not rely on your furnace in Bellflower, CA, as much as those living in the northern part of the country, but winter nights can still get downright chilly. When experiencing a furnace issue, you might be tempted to fix the problem yourself, but most DIY furnace repair is a bad idea, and here’s why.

  • It Can Be Dangerous Repairing a furnace or heater yourself if you’re inexperienced can be dangerous. One wrong move, and you could get burned, shocked, or worse. Moreover, if your mistake causes your system to fail, guess who’s on the hook to fix it or replace it — you!
  • Poor Quality Repairs Many people think they become repair experts by watching YouTube tutorials but watching a few videos can’t replace the training and experience that comes from being a professional HVAC technician. Professionals can diagnose problems more quickly and accurately than the average homeowner, which means you get a higher-quality repair. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could worsen the problem, so call an expert to be safe.
  • High Tool Cost Most furnace and heater repairs require more than a screwdriver and pliers, and most homeowners don’t have the right tools for the job like the pros. Rather than spending a lot of money on tools, you’ll probably only use once, why not hire a heating expert instead?
  • It’s Inconvenient Let’s be honest; you have a lot of things you’d rather be doing than spending all day (or several days) diagnosing and fixing a furnace. Instead of wasting your precious time, let a professional tackle the job so you can rest easy knowing it’s done correctly and safely.
  • Reassembly Nightmare So you tore the heater apart and fixed what you thought was the problem. That was hard enough, but you’re only halfway there. Now you have to put everything back together again correctly, so it works. Imagine re-assembling the system, turning it on, and discovering it doesn’t work. Would you even know where to start looking for the reason why? When you hire a pro, you don’t have to worry about any of this because they have the training and expertise to assemble and re-assemble these systems and ensure they work when they’re finished.

Don’t take chances when you need furnace repair; call the trusted professionals at Lambert Heating and Air Conditioning.

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Furnace Maintenance

Like all machines, your heater needs a little TLC and preventative maintenance to keep it running smoothly year after year.

However, many people don’t schedule annual heating maintenance because they think it’s too expensive, but as we’ll see, you really can’t afford to ignore it.

  • It Keeps Your Furnace Running Efficiently As your furnace ages, it loses efficiency, which can cause your energy bills to rise and your heater to break down more frequently. Imagine suffering a catastrophic furnace failure that could have been prevented if you’d only kept up with regular tune-ups.
  • It Decreases the Chance of Sudden Breakdowns Most heaters don’t fail suddenly; they fail slowly over time as parts wear out and never get replaced. Scheduling routine maintenance can’t guarantee you won’t have a catastrophic failure, but it significantly decreases the chance by replacing worn-out parts and ensuring everything is working correctly. Furthermore, a professional can spot signs that your furnace is nearing the end of its life so you can plan on replacing it before it fails.
  • It Extends Your Heater’s Life Buying a new furnace or heater is an expensive investment, so it’s wise to do all you can to get the most use out of it. Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your system in tune and operating for as long as possible.
  • It Protects Your Warranty Failing to schedule routine maintenance from a trained technician may void your warranty. Imagine paying out of pocket for a significant repair that your warranty would have covered but doesn’t because you failed to keep up with annual maintenance.

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