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Best Heating Unit Choice In Huntington Beach

Living in Huntington Beach, California can be such a blessing with the abundance of beautiful warm weather several months of the year. However, there will be days and weeks out of the year where the weather will turn gloomy, cold, and frigid and when that happens, you are going to want to heat your home with the best heating unit. But which heating unit is right for you?

The Best Heating Unit Choice: Furnaces vs Heat Pumps

Heat pumps


Safety. They do not use gas like furnaces so there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal.

Less Noisy. Heat pumps are much quieter than furnace, making it less noisy to heat your home.


Costly for Regular Use. They might cost more to use than a furnace because it uses more electricity, especially during the colder months, because it needs to use that electricity to heat the air and distribute it throughout the home.

Not the Most Effective in All Seasons. They do not heat the home as well in colder weather because they have to work much harder to compete with the cold outside temperature.

Making heat pumps not as effective at heating a home in colder weather.


Easy Maintenance and Less Malfunctioning. Since furnaces are not used for several months out of the year in sunny Huntington Beach, CA they do not have as many maintenance issues because there is less wear and tear on the product itself. Also, they tend to be more reliable which means less malfunctioning ,more peace of mind, and possibly the best heating unit choice for you and your family.

Economical Operation Costs. The overall costs to operate a furnace tend to be less, depending on individual consumer usage, because it can heat the home using less electricity, saving you money on your utility bill.

Longer Lifespan. Furnaces tend to last longer over the years with regular use and tend to be a better investment in the long run.

Inexpensive Installation. The cost to install furnaces tend to be much lower than heat pumps, making it a good choice when you do not have excess money to spend initially for your heating needs.


Dirty. Furnaces tend to be dirtier on the inside and contribute to more pollution, making it not the best choice for the environment.

Still not sure which is the best heating unit for you and your family? Chat with a professional technician today (562) 861-2727 to see what would be best for your lifestyle and budget.