Different Types of Gas Furnaces

Trying to decide what kind of gas furnace is best for your home in Huntington beach can be a difficult and daunting decision. It is particularly important to choose the right furnace with enough efficiency and effectiveness to thoroughly heat up your home. But the average person usually doesn’t have a clue about the typical gas furnace. Furnaces are often confused for heaters which are portable, electric space heater as opposed to a heating system for the entire home. Here are some of the different types of gas furnaces that are used to distribute heat to your home using the ventilation system.

Conventional Warm Air Gas Furnace

A pilot light is small flame that burns continuously and is used to ignite the burners for a gas furnace when trying to accumulate heat (a standing pilot). This kind of furnace will have a pipe that exhausts gases away from living areas and exits through the roof. Heat is created when the pilot light ignites the being delivered to the furnace’s burners. What some people may not know is that if you use the AC, you will still be expending gas for the pilot light. This air gas furnace is the least efficient (heat is wasted in the exhaust). If you are wondering what kind of air gas furnace you have, have a Huntington beach professional inspect your heating system!

Induced Draft Warm Air Gas Furnace

This furnace uses electronic system for its ignition instead of a conventional standing pilot. When heat is to be accumulated and distributed by the furnace, it will consume gas and only when heat is to be delivered throughout the house. The efficiency is increased compared to the conventional warm air gas furnace due to the electronic pilot and the fact that combustion gases are drawn by a fan through the flue (exhaust pipe) in order to create an induced draft.

Condensing Warm Air Gas Furnace

For this furnace, gases are passed through the flue to a heat exchanger that will remove the gases from the flue in order to use it for the home’s heat provisions. With that independent heat exchanger, it becomes the most efficient in terms of heat production that is used in comparison to the other different types of gas furnaces. It also uses an electronic ignition system.

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