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Fix my Air Conditioner in Downey

Air Conditioner Installation

Recommended if your A/C system looks like it belongs in a museum. This requires the complete removal of the previous AC system to install a new one if there is one. If a ventilation system is in place, we’ll need to decide if it will be usable with the new system. If no A/C or ventilation system is available, a new air duct system may need to be installed.

Ductless A/C Systems

A ductless air conditioner and heating system is perfect if your goal includes temperature control for every room. There’s the added benefit of no air ducts needed and cost savings over time vs standard hvac system are noticable, up to 30% depending on use and location.

A/C Repairs

Fully functional air conditioner systems need to be maintained regularly to work properly. If you already have an AC system, a full replacement may not be necessary depending on the condition of your old system or the seriousness of the A/C repairs needed.

Air Filter Replacement

Depending on the type of filter you have, we recommend replacing your air filter every 30-days to 6 months. HVAC filter replacement ensures you have the best quality air when using your home comfort system.

Air Ducts

This is how you get air (cold or hot) from traditional HVAC systems to your entire house. Broken or clogged vents, much like water clogs, reduce the amount of air you would otherwise get. Make sure your A/C or heater specialists checks all parts of your system specially if it’s a bit old. You can call your local HVAC specialist at (562) 861-2727 or Request a Callback for any A/C type service.

A/C Maintenance

If you own a car you understand the importance of maintaining it to keep it working properly. An A/C system is no different if you want it to work properly, efficiently, and last you a long time specially if you own an older model. To save money year round, join our home comfort system maintenance program.

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Fix my home heater in Downey CA

Heating Furnace Installation

If your old furnace is unreliable, it’s time to consider a heater installation. Only experienced home comfort specialists should be allowed to install your new home heating system. Verify that your HVAC professional is a licensed contractor in Southern California. Maximize the efficiency your new system by following proper maintenance habits as recommended by your heating and air specialists.

Home Heater Repairs

Like an old car, heaters can also be repaired. Your local HVAC specialist will be able to determine if your system can be repaired or if a replacement is needed. Note, the older a system is, the less efficient it becomes. Practice proper maintenance to ensure optimal logivity. If you’ve called your heating specialists a few times a year or worse yet, one season, then definitely consider a replacement heating system for your home. Like always, practicing correct maintenance habits on your old system, may keep it working longer.

Home Furnace Repairs

If you have an old home, you have probably encountered your old furnace (yep, your heater). In older homes, it most likely sists right in the middle of your home or somewhere unsightly. Modern homes have furnaces moved elsewhere allowing the freedom to open up living spaces. Even so, a furnace is what helps keep your home warm and is central to your heating system. If you call your local heating specialist at (562) 861-2727 or Request a Callback, just tell them your heater needs work. A home comfotr expert will know what you’re talking about and they can figure out what’s wrong once they inspect your HVAC system for problems.

Flame Sensor Repair

The purpose of the flame sensor is to help regulate your heater’s gas valve. Yep, it’s a safety mechanism designed to cotrol gas in your furnace. If you turn it on and there is no fire, it will almost immediately shutoff the gas valve, or it’s supposed to. This means your heater may not work properly or at all. If you think you have a bad sensor, call your local HVAC technician for repairs. Do not attempt to fix the sensor yourself as it may create further damage to your furnace. Leave this to an experienced professional.

how to replace your thermostat in Downey CA

Thermostat Repairs

If you have an old home with an old heating and cooling system, you are probably familiar with the old thermostat style (analog if you will). You know, the controls which allow you to manage the temperature of your system. It’s important that your thermostat gives you the right readings. If you keep having to increase or decrease the number to an extreme to get the temperature you want (hot/cold), you may have a problem with your thermostat readings. If it’s not your thermostat it may be your system. Either way, you may be throwing away money. Call your local Downey HVAC specialist at (562) 861-2727 or Request a Callback to fix your thermostat. Normal readings are usually within a 1-3 degree difference for properly functioning system.

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