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Club Members receive one visit per year, a 10 % discount on any service or repairs, priority service (even when it’s busy you go to the head of the line), and we will waive the $79 diagnostic fee on any repair calls.

For our installation customers who become Club Members, we will extend the labor warranty on their system for as long as they are a Club Member.

We propose to inspect the above equipment (or attached listed) on a regularly scheduled basis and perform the following:

Annual Maintenance is important in keeping your heating and air conditioning system in good working order.

What’s included Maintenance Program Benefits

  • Inspect equipment operations and safety controls; adjust operating controls as necessary for economical operation of equipment in accordance with recommended energy conservation.
  • Check thermostat.
  • Check electrical contacts for proper operation and wear.
  • Check for proper amperage draw of equipment and adjust as required.
  • Install air filters (Specialty filters will be provided at extra cost).
  • Check for proper temperature differential across equipment.
  • Check run capacitors.
  • Visual check of refrigerant system for leaks and proper charge.
  • Clean air-cooled condenser surfaces.
  • Maintain condensate pans & drain lines to plumbing outlet free of debris.
  • Clean and check pilot and burners for proper combustion and operation.
  • Clean flame sensor.
  • Keep vestibule and combustion air chamber free of debris.
  • Service electronic air cleaner.
  • Maintain equipment free of excessive grease and oil.
  • Notify persons of any repairs or improvements, which are required on equipment.
  • Provide: 1 Scheduled Service Maintenance Call per year.

Any additional repairs will be with owner’s prior approval. Maintenance customers receive 10% discount on service and repair work.

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