Downey HVAC Mythbuster

Don’t sweat it, but don’t catch a cold while you at it as well. In this blog post, we want to help you separate fact from fiction. With so much fake news going around these days, it’s time we clarify a few things about home heaters and air conditioning systems. Continue reading future posts for a full round-up on: Downey HVAC mythbuster!

HVAC mythbuster number 1: Home heating and cooling is too expensive in California

This is fiction, in other words, not true! Like any new system at home, you should expect some sort of energy usage. However, when used properly, a properly working and maintained home comfort system in Downey will only increase energy costs relative to your usage. Our hvac mythbuster answer: use it wisely and enjoy the comforts of your home.

Mythbuster number 2: Turning off your home comfort system waste more energy than leaving it on.

Hmm… No. Like any device requiring consumption of energy be it gas or electricity, leaving it on even when you’re not using requires it to consume energy. Our HVAC mythbuster answer is this: if you don’t need to cool or heat your home (or office), turn off your system completely. This will save you more on energy as it stops the energy usage. If you have a smart system and have set it up properly to go on and off when you need it, this also saves you on energy costs. Bottom line, don’t leave your system running indefinitely if you want to save money. Set your comfort levels to the desired temperatures and let the system work its magic.

Stay tuned for our next HVAC myth busting blog posts. We’ll get into things like maintenance, system size and more.

In the meantime, if you’re having trouble with you home heating or AC system due to age or complexity, give a trusted home comfort technician a call. A licenced Downey home heating and AC specialist will help you set the perfect house temperature in Los Angeles and Orange County. Call (562) 861-2727 or submit a callback request to start managing your energy usage today.

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