How to set the perfect house temperature

If you don’t already have a home comfort system or heating system in your home you should first call a home heating specialist at (562) 861-2727 to schedule a home comfort consultation. We highly recommend you do this before the busy season kicks into high gear as heating technicians get extremely busy and appointments may need to be booked months in advance. You may also request a callback to help you set the perfect house temperature.

Are Fall temperatures dipping enough to make your toes feel the breeze?

Did you know having a comfortable living environment is a conduit for how well we sleep and what our days may be like? This will in turn define how we interactive with others during the course of the day and how successful we will be in completing all our tasks. An experienced home comfort technician understands this and wants to make sure you know how to set the perfect house temperature in Downey.

The perfect house temperature may save on your utility costs

We’re sure you hear it often, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it again. Proper management of your home comfort system will help keep your electric and possibly gas utility costs down. While it is recommended you turn off your heating or A/C unit while you’re not home, let’s face it, we don’t always remember to turn it off. This is why knowing how to set up the perfect house temperature is important.

Finding the perfect house temperature is a breeze

how to set thermostat to the perfect house temperature

While it’s recommended you set your home temperature between 70-78 degrees, we recommend reducing this range. Most people can have a comfortable setting between 73-75 degrees, but you can adjust this as needed. Find a temperature you can comfortably sleep with and be around the house with. Too much heat is bad for you, but too cold and you may catch a cold.

If you’re having trouble managing the settings on your home heating system due to age or complexity, give a trusted home comfort technician a call. A licenced Downey heating specialist will help you set the perfect house temperature in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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