How to stay warm during the Fall in Downey

Summer is finally over. So are the days at the beach and poolside BBQ’s. A welcomed relief from all the heat for some and something to look forward to next year for others. Luckily, we will still enjoy some nice warm weather during the Fall and Winter seasons. Enough for say those BBQ parties Southern California is so famous for. But, what about those cold and frigid Fall and Winter days and nights. One starts to wonder, how to stay warm in Downey on days cold enough to dry your skin and make you miss the summer days.

How to stay warm outdoors

During the Fall, it’s not easy to predict if the weather will be cool or very cold. It’s best to wear warm clothes and carry a sweater or jacket with you in case you needed. It wouldn’t hurt to carry a scarf and warm hat if you live in areas known for temperature drops. Definitely carry a pair of warm gloves specially if you have to get up early every morning. I’m sure at times you’ll wish you had a mobile heating system hovering around you.

What if you have to be outdoors and this isn’t enough. Then you really start to wonder how to stay warm outdoors. In these situations, we recommend you have a nice warm cup of tea, coffee, chocolate or milk! You can’t go wrong with warm drinks. Not only will it warm you up, but it will be delicious!

So, How to stay warm indoors

We get it, we don’t spend all our lives outdoors. We spend most of it indoors. At the office or at home. When at home, we not only want to stay warm in Downey, but we also want to be comfortable. I guess California summer’s spoil us. We recommend you have a working and properly maintained home comfort system. A properly functioning home comfort system will not only make you comfortable, but it will also stop you from wondering how to stay warm during any cold Fall day or night.

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