HVAC Size Matters Myth Busted

Okay, so you’re ready to upgrade to brand new home comfort system in Downey, LA or Orange County. If you’ve read our previous posts, you’ll know what to expect when all the work is done. What you didn’t know however is, HVAC size matters. Continue reading future posts for a full round-up on: Orange County HVAC myth busted!

HVAC size matters myth number 5: The bigger the system the better

Okay, there’s so many things wrong with this statement. First off, the bigger system you have the more energy you will need to consume to keep it running. So, why wouldn’t a bigger HVAC system better for your home? The answer is actually not very complicated. While HVAC size matters, it’s not size that determines effectiveness. What you need to consider is home comfort system efficiency. You don’t want a system that is too big for your place when a smaller one can accomplish your home comfort needs while reducing energy consumption year-round. HVAC The bigger the better HVAC size matters myth busted!

Myth number 6: A bigger HVAC system will last longer than a smaller one

Again, this myth is not true. HVAC size matters only in relation to the space it needs to provide heating and cooling for. A single family home doesn’t need a large AC system or heating system. Smaller may be better and will prevent the system from going on and off too frequently thus extending the life of the system.

A large HVAC is better for large spaces

This may be true, but again, it depends on the needs of the space. If attempting to cool or heat a large area, yes, larger may be better. However, if a large space is subdivided into smaller spaces, you may need a combination of smaller heating and cooling units. Again, it all comes down to efficiency.

Stay tuned for future HVAC myst busters.

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