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Experience counts when looking for a furnace repair service, which is why so many residents in La Mirada call Lambert Heating and Air Conditioning. We have four decades in the business and know a thing or two about heating and furnace repair. Call us today at 562-861-2727 for an appointment.

Lambert Heating and Air Conditioning is a trusted local heating and furnace repair company in La Mirada, CA. As a family-owned business, we understand that respecting our customers is just as crucial as doing high-quality work. If you’re tired of your outdated furnace that can’t keep up with your comfort needs, call one of our expert technicians today.

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La Mirada Heating Maintenance

If your heater or furnace has been running without problems, you may wonder why you should bother calling a heating company for maintenance and spending money on something you think you don’t need. Let’s look at the key benefits of hiring a pro for yearly furnace checkups.

  • Saves Money on Utility Bills Just like a well-tuned and maintained car saves you money by getting better gas mileage, preventative maintenance helps your furnace run more efficiently, saving you money on utility bills.
  • Reduces the Chance of Catastrophic Breakdowns A professional furnace technician can catch minor issues and fix them before they develop into situations that can bring the whole system down, like a loose fan belt or worn-out bearings.
  • Extends the Lifespan of the Equipment When you invest a lot of money into a heater or furnace, you expect many years of reliable use. However, failing to keep up with routine maintenance can cut your system’s lifespan by nearly half. With regular service calls, you can prevent the usual wear and tear from getting out of hand and shortening your system’s life.
  • Protects Your Warranty If you have a relatively new furnace, it’s probably covered by a warranty. However, did you know that most heating and furnace manufacturers require that you get annual service from a trained professional to keep the warranty valid? Imagine paying out of pocket for a devastating repair because you failed to keep the warranty valid by having it serviced.

At Lambert Heating and Air Conditioning, we have an affordable maintenance program to keep your system tuned and in optimal condition.

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When to Call a Furnace Contractor

Even if you don’t rely on your furnace as much as your air conditioner, you’ll unlikely never experience an issue. When your furnace is acting up, you may wonder if it’s better to call a furnace contractor now or if you can wait. Here are the most common situations where you should contact to schedule an appointment with a heating professional as soon as possible.

  • Yellow Burner Flame Pay attention to the burner flame if you’re using a gas furnace. A healthy flame burns blue, so if it’s yellow, red, purple, green, or orange, the fuel is burning inefficiently, and you could be getting too much carbon monoxide output.
  • Bad Odors It’s normal for your furnace to emit an odor when you start it after sitting idle for months, but it should quickly dissipate. However, if a musty or burning smell persists, it could mean you have damaged electrical wiring or a mold problem. Either way, both situations require an inspection and repair by a competent professional.
  • Poor Heat Another common furnace problem is poor heat. If you notice that your room temperature doesn’t feel like what the thermostat says or if some rooms are colder than others, call a technician to investigate the problem.
  • Weak Airflow Weak airflow often happens when the filter is clogged, but it can also result from a failing compressor, blower, or blockage in the ducts.

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