Comfort Included

Your new air conditioner or heating system will deliver exceptional comfort and optimal energy efficiency.

Air Conditioner Installations

We go out of our way to get the installation done right the first time. Our technicians will perform detailed home analysis to determine the exact size system for your home.

Each new air conditioning system installed by Lambert Heating and Air Conditioning will be designed to meet your preferences and needs of your home. Your personal comfort is our business.

New air conditioning options

You know what is best for your home. We give you a range of options, from the Cadillac of systems to the most economical option and energy efficient air conditioning system.

We give you all the facts before you buy. Your comfort and satisfaction is our priority.

Let us help you find your perfect cool and warm level.

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Central Heating and Furnaces

Our professional heating and AC installation technician will perform a home comfort analysis to measure the requirements of your home. This will ensure your home is cool for the hot summer days and warm during the coldest days.

Heating system options to make you smile

Need a new furnace only? No problem. We’ll help you make the best informed decision to get the most for your money. Call us today, (562) 861-2727 or request one of our technicians to call you and schedule an appointment.

5 Things you should know before purchasing a new heating or air conditioning system

  1. The installation makes the difference
    Nearly all of the major brands of heating and air conditioning equipment are about equal.

    The skill and quality of the installation makes the biggest difference in how well a system works and how long it lasts.
  2. Heat Load Analysis Required
    Many problems with heating and air conditioning systems can be solved by proper sizing.

    A Heat Load Analysis avoids these problems by calculating the exact size system needed for a home.
  3. Bigger is not necessarily better
    A heating and air conditioning system that is too large costs more to run and does not last as long as a properly sized system.
  4. Heating and A/C is an investment
    The value of your home increases by up to 75 – 100% of the amount that you invest in a new heating or air conditioning system.
  5. Permit and Contractor’s License Required By California law, a contractor must have an active C-20 Contractor’s License to install central heating and central air conditioning systems.

    A city building permit is also legally required to install central heating and air conditioning systems.

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