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When Does the Thermostat Need Replacing?

Broken Thermostat Symptoms  A properly functioning thermostat is critical to maintaining comfort and good indoor air quality. It helps the unit regulate the home’s temperature. Without a working thermostat, the AC and heating system could either stay on longer than needed (driving up the home’s energy bill) or not turn on when it should (making […]

Breath of Fresh Air: Elevating Indoor Air Quality for National Wellness Month

What Is Poor Indoor Air Quality? As this month is National Wellness Month, it’s the perfect time to optimize a home’s indoor air quality. It is crucial to understand the significance of indoor air quality and its potential impact on health. Poor air quality can lead to various health effects, including irritation of the eyes, […]

Keep It Cool This Summer by Watching Out for These Signs of a Broken AC

Red Flags That Indicate the Need for AC Repair  There are few things in life worse than a broken air conditioner in the summer, and any homeowner who wants to keep comfortable in the sweltering summer heat should do everything it takes to keep this from happening. But what are some ways to tell if […]

What Tools Do HVAC Contractors Keep in Their Fully Stocked Trucks?

Common Tools That Heating and Cooling Technicians Use on the Job It makes sense that a job as technical as working with heating and cooling systems would have specialized tools. There are all the standard tools that one would expect for any work in the trades, but there are also tools specific to the profession. […]

The Importance of Spring AC Maintenance

Spring AC Maintenance Prepares it for Summer!  As temperatures rise and summer approaches, homeowners should ensure their air conditioning units are prepared for the warmer months. A critical aspect of an AC unit’s summer preparation is maintenance in the spring, which can improve its energy efficiency, increase reliability, and extend the unit’s lifespan. This blog […]

How to Get a New, Energy-Efficient HVAC System for Less

The Inflation Reduction Act Makes Energy-Efficient Upgrades More Affordable The Inflation Reduction Act can help homeowners purchase new energy-efficient home improvements and appliances, including HVAC systems, by making them more affordable. This blog post will discuss the Inflation Reduction Act, the tax credits and rebates it offers qualifying homeowners, and the benefits of upgrading to […]

Celebrating Black History Month By Honoring Pioneers in HVAC

Uncovering the Visionaries Behind HVAC Technology Heating and cooling systems are essential to modern life and keep people safe and comfortable indoors. This blog delves into three individuals who have contributed significantly to the field of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) in honor of Black History Month. These inventors have revolutionized modern HVAC technology, […]

Break Bad Heating and Cooling Habits in the New Year

Three Heating and Cooling Mistakes to Avoid Many people like to set New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year. Many of these resolutions have to do with health, but why not set some resolutions to avoid bad habits that increase energy bills and damage heating and cooling equipment? This blog will discuss three […]