Should you keep your A/C on for your pets?

Admit it, you love your little pet companion. Whether it was the bird you dreamed of as you passed by the pet store or an adorable puppy your kids would not stop asking for, you’ve become attached for life. Although that love is undeniable, the question is clear, why would you need to leave the a/c on for your pets? After all, they are technically born to be wild and should not need the luxury of A/C.

They hate the weather, just like you do!

Yes, animals are originally born in the wild, however, that does not mean they like living in such extreme temperatures! For example, dogs constantly are panting trying to keep themselves cool during the day so they can stay comfortable during the blistering summers. Imagine living in a beach city, such as Huntington Beach, with a thick fur coat locked in a stuffy home. Having a bit of a/c on for your pets will mean the world to them!

What about the electric bill?!

While this is true, keeping your air on all day will cost you a pretty penny; but, turning your a/c on to 70-80 degrees just to keep the house at a decent temperature during the peak hours of heat will keep your pet happy and healthy.

a/c for Huntington Beach pets

Keeping your a/c on for your pets is very beneficial towards their health. However depending on your current in home a/c unit, things may not be as easy if you are missing a programmable thermostat to automatically turn on while you are not home. Your a/c might not be working as well as it used to or not at all!

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