Signs You May Need A Furnace Repair

If it is as cold in your home as it is outside, despite having let the heater run all day, that would be a pretty obvious indicator that something is wrong with your home’s heating system. But sometimes the signs are not as obvious. Some of the issues that are attributed to the need of a furnace repair are quite subtle and can either go undetected or ignored. Noticing the signs you may need a furnace repair can be vital to the longevity of your home’s heating system, so do not ignore them! It gets cold in Huntington Beach during the winter!

A Spike in Your Electric Bill

If you notice a significant increase in the utility bill, even though your heating use has remained relatively consistent, then you definitely will want to check to see if your furnace is the culprit. Even though your bill amount is raised from time to time, it is a gradual process, so any kind of large leaps in your utility expenses merits an inspection of your home’s heating system. The only way to know for sure there is a problem with your furnace is by hiring a Huntington Beach professional. Call (562) 861-2727 for an inspection.

Noises Coming From The Furnace

What’s all that terrible racket you hear when the heater is turned on? It may be your furnace! Of course the furnace may make some noise when it is in use, but if you are hearing abnormal sounds such as clanging or wailing, keep in mind that it is one of the signs you may need a furnace repair. Just remember that as the furnace ages and begins to break down that it will probably get noisier.

Pilot Light is Yellow

Do you know where your furnace is located? Take a look at it. Generally, a furnace that is in optimal condition will have a blue flame. If you notice that your furnace’s pilot light is a color distinguishably different from blue (e.g. yellow, orange, red, even purple), it is likely that your furnace is not in an optimal state. When you see other colored flames, it usually means there has been an accumulation of rust or tar. Not only will this have an impact on efficiency, it also has the potential to expose your home to harmful pollutants.

Can’t find the pilot light? Maybe your furnace doesn’t have one! Make sure you know what kind of furnace you have

Do You See The Signs?

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