Tips to Help Prevent AC Theft

When the kids play outside, you always have to remind them to bring their stuff inside when they’re done. It would truly be a shame if that new bike you recently bought for your child was stolen overnight off your porch. And if a thief is ruthless enough to take your childs bike, then they probably won’t think twice when taking your AC unit. Your outdoor air conditioning unit is never completely safe outside, not even in Huntington Beach! Thieves are often willing to take anything copper outside your home, so here are a few tips to keep in mind when trying to prevent AC theft.

Lock it up.

You may want to look into fencing AC unit off or caging it up. Thieves often target houses that are easy so they can get in and out. A cage will definitely be a deterrent, but be sure to clean it ever so often from debris which can get into the AC unit and cause pollutants to enter your home. Learn more about your air conditioning unit!

Light it up.

Have you ever walked up to a house and the light turned on automatically? Kind of puts you off at first. Perhaps having your AC unit in a lit area will help prevent AC theft. Nobody wants to commit a crime in the spotlight for people to see.

Mark it up.

Put your Huntington Beach housing information on the AC parts and the copper tubing. You could use microdotting to brush on the information that can be viewed by a magnifying glass, or a cheaper option is to engrave it on there.

Alarm it up.

You can get an alarm installed that detects tampering and voltage disruption. If an alarm goes off while the thief is in the act, they will probably run away instead.

Guard it with a pup.

Do you have a big, loud dog that you’re afraid will wake the neighbors? Good! If your dog barks at whenever someone is around, it will not put up with the thieves rustling. But you also want to make sure you keep your AC unit safe from your pets.

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