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Four Signs Of An AC Refrigerant Leak

Despite its appearance, your air conditioner is a complex machine requiring many parts to operate in sync to keep you cool and comfortable. When one component fails, it can compromise the entire system. A refrigerant leak is one of the most common problems that cause air conditioners to fail. Let’s look at what refrigerant does and how to know when there’s an issue.

  • What is an AC Refrigerant? Air conditioner refrigerant is a chemical that turns liquid into a gas and back again to absorb heat from the house, which makes the air cool. Most people think that air conditioners make cold air, but that’s not true. Air conditioners remove the heat from the air and transfer it outside. As the system pulls in hot air from the house, the refrigerant absorbs the heat and turns it into a gas, which goes to the compressor. The result is cold air comes back into the house.
  • Four Signs of a Refrigerant Leak As you can see, your air conditioner can’t operate correctly without refrigerant, so it’s crucial to know when there’s a problem. Here are the most common signs that your refrigerant may be leaking.
  • Frozen Evaporator Coil Many people have seen air conditioners with frozen coils and think it’s normal, but it’s not. If you don’t have enough refrigerant in the system, the coil can’t absorb heat, which causes condensation and eventual freezing. If you see ice on your outside coil, call a professional for help.
  • Higher Energy Bills If your air conditioner’s refrigerant levels are low, the system works harder to maintain the desired temperature. Harder work translates to higher energy bills, so if you notice your expenses rising unexpectedly, look to your air conditioner as a possible cause.
  • Warm Air Because the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air, the system doesn’t function optimally when refrigerant levels are low. Low refrigerant levels often make the atmosphere warmer than you want, and no thermostat adjustment can help.

If you suspect that you have a refrigerant leak or your system isn’t keeping you as comfortable as before, call a professional to investigate.

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Can You Still Get A Freon Recharge?

When people think about air conditioner refrigerants, they use the word Freon. However, Freon, or R-22, is a specific chemical banned from production and import in the United States in 2020. If your air conditioner uses R-22, you can still get a recharge provided there’s any remaining stock left; however, it’s getting more expensive to do so.

In many cases, a Freon recharge may not be worth the price because systems that use this chemical are typically on their last legs anyway, making it more financial sense to upgrade.

If you have a refrigerant leak, you can always get a refill. Depending on the chemical used in your system and where you live, the average cost ranges between $200 and $900. However, remember that you shouldn’t need a refrigerant refill unless there’s a leak, so you must fix that problem before adding more Freon.

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