Need AC Repairs in Downey, CA

AC Repairs in Downey Lambert Heating and Air Conditioning June gloom is almost gone! With summer festivities right around the corner it’s the best time of the year to enjoy the outdoors and the Southern California sun. However, if you’re like most people, you want to leave the hot summer heat outside and enjoy a cool comfortable… Read more »

HVAC Size Matters Myth Busted

Okay, so you’re ready to upgrade to brand new home comfort system in Downey, LA or Orange County. If you’ve read our previous posts, you’ll know what to expect when all the work is done. What you didn’t know however is, HVAC size matters. Continue reading future posts... Read more »

HVAC Myth Busted

Today we continue to dispel HVAC myths. We previously published a post about home heating and cooling being too expensive. We linked to it so you can click on over to that post if you have not yet read it: we’d say it’s a little entertaining. Continue reading... Read more »

Downey HVAC Mythbuster

Don’t sweat it, but don’t catch a cold while you at it as well. In this blog post, we want to help you separate fact from fiction. With so much fake news going around these days, it’s time we clarify a few things about home heaters and air... Read more »

The benefits of a working heating system

how to set thermostat to the perfect house temperature The cold season is here and you’ll feel it on those nippy Huntington Beach nights all the way down to Downey, CA. No, we’re not talking about the sniffles or runny noses. We are talking about temperature drops. Those cold, can’t walk around the house or be outdoors... Read more »

How to maintain your heating system

Downey heater furnace repairs Let’s face it, Southern California is full of tinkerers (try saying that 10 times really fast–good luck!). We like to get our hands on things and in places they don’t belong. That’s what makes California such a great place to be and its people so intriguing to say… Read more »

How to set the perfect house temperature

Set the perfect house temperature in Downey If you don’t already have a home comfort system or heating system in your home you should first call a home heating specialist at (562) 861-2727 to schedule a home comfort consultation. We highly recommend you do this before the busy season kicks into high gear as heating… Read more »

How to stay warm during the Fall in Downey

How to stay warm in Downey heater repairs Summer is finally over. So are the days at the beach and poolside BBQ’s. A welcomed relief from all the heat for some and something to look forward to next year for others. Luckily, we will still enjoy some nice warm weather during the Fall and Winter seasons…. Read more »

Should you keep your A/C on for your pets?

Keeping the a/c on for your pets Admit it, you love your little pet companion. Whether it was the bird you dreamed of as you passed by the pet store or an adorable puppy your kids would not stop asking for, you’ve become attached for life. Although that love is undeniable, the question is clear,… Read more »

Importance of Repairing Your A/C in Huntington Beach

Why repairing your a/c is important in Huntington Beach Accidentally Bring Your Vacation Weather Into Your Home? Have you found yourself enjoying the heat of your vacation in Mexico… except minus the beach and margarita? You might be wondering why you are experiencing the hot, humid weather inside your home (and when did your vacation end?), this… Read more »