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    Downey Furnace Repair

    Is your furnace struggling to keep you warm and comfortable? Has it been making a strange noise for years? If you’ve never had your furnace professionally maintained, you may not know the signs that something is wrong. Here are the most common furnace problems that require calling a certified technician.

    • Odd Noises It can be challenging to know there’s a problem with your heater, especially if it’s providing the comfort you expect. For example, you may get adequate heat despite that rattling or rumbling coming from the system. However, that noise could indicate a problem that could worsen if ignored, leading to a catastrophic breakdown. Despite the system’s performance, call a professional to investigate if you hear strange noises.
    • Higher Utility Bills Everything is going up, especially energy. So, it’s wise to keep track of what you’re spending on your utility bills and find ways to save wherever possible. Look at your energy expenses this year versus last year, and if they’re significantly higher and you’ve not changed your usage habits, you could need furnace maintenance to bring your expenses back in line.
    • Short Cycling Short cycling happens when your furnace turns on and off rapidly without reaching the desired temperature. Short cycling wastes energy and puts excess wear and tear on your heater, causing it to fail prematurely.
    • Yellow Pilot Light A good habit to develop is to check your furnace’s pilot light periodically. A healthy pilot light burns bright blue, which means the system is getting enough oxygen to operate correctly. If the pilot light is yellow, call a furnace contractor immediately to determine the problem.

    If your furnace or heater is acting oddly or not giving you the comfort you expect, call the heating professionals at Lambert Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule oil, gas, or electric furnace repair and maintenance.

    Whatever your central heating system looks like,  we’ve got you covered with our heater repair services in Downey!

    5 Benefits Of A Furnace Tune Up

    You may not think that routine furnace maintenance and tune-ups are necessary, but it has many benefits that can help you avoid costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns. Here are the top five benefits of routine furnace maintenance.

    • Reduces Risk Of Sudden System Failure All mechanical devices undergo wear and tear, including your furnace. Ignoring routine maintenance allows minor problems to escalate into catastrophes that can cause the system to fail when you need it most. Annual maintenance and tune-ups allow you to replace worn parts and fix minor issues before they get worse.
    • Increases System Lifespan Imagine how long your car would last if you never took it to the mechanic for regular oil changes and maintenance —not long. Likewise, ignoring your furnace causes it to wear out prematurely. Your furnace is an expensive home investment that should last between 15 and 20 years. And the best way to ensure that is by scheduling annual service by a trained professional.
    • Lower Utility BillsA furnace can lose up to 5% efficiency every year, causing your monthly utility bills to increase. With the cost of everything rising, keeping your system well-maintained is prudent to lower your utility bills.
    • Keeps You Safe Inspecting your furnace every year is crucial to ensure it’s running safely. Whether it’s leaking carbon monoxide, a cracked heat exchanger, or other damage, a faulty furnace puts you and your family at risk.
    • Peace Of Mind The last thing you want when winter arrives is for your furnace to fail. With routine heating maintenance, you get peace of mind knowing that your system is ready to go and will run reliably when called on.

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