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Should you keep your A/C on for your pets?

Keeping the a/c on for your pets Admit it, you love your little pet companion. Whether it was the bird you dreamed of as you passed by the pet store or an adorable puppy your kids would not stop asking for, you’ve become attached for life. Although that love is undeniable, the question is clear,… Read more »

Importance of Repairing Your A/C in Huntington Beach

Why repairing your a/c is important in Huntington Beach Accidentally Bring Your Vacation Weather Into Your Home? Have you found yourself enjoying the heat of your vacation in Mexico… except minus the beach and margarita? You might be wondering why you are experiencing the hot, humid weather inside your home (and when did your vacation end?), this… Read more »

Signs You May Need A Furnace Repair

Signs You May Need A Furnace Installation in Huntington Beach If it is as cold in your home as it is outside, despite having let the heater run all day, that would be a pretty obvious indicator that something is wrong with your home’s heating system. But sometimes the signs are not as obvious. Some of the issues… Read more »

Tips to Help Prevent AC Theft

Huntington Beach AC theft When the kids play outside, you always have to remind them to bring their stuff inside when they’re done. It would truly be a shame if that new bike you recently bought for your child was stolen overnight off your porch. And if a thief is ruthless enough… Read more »

Different Types of Gas Furnaces

Furnace for House in Huntington beach Trying to decide what kind of gas furnace is best for your home in Huntington beach can be a difficult and daunting decision. It is particularly important to choose the right furnace with enough efficiency and effectiveness to thoroughly heat up your home. But the average person usually… Read more »

Best Heating Unit Choice In Huntington Beach

Best Heating Unit Living in Huntington Beach, California can be such a blessing with the abundance of beautiful warm weather several months of the year. However, there will be days and weeks out of the year where the weather will turn gloomy, cold, and frigid and when that happens, you are… Read more »

Why should we be planting trees to save on HVAC systems?

planting trees to save on HVAC systems The importance of planting trees There are all sorts of upgrades you can make to your home to make these long Huntington Beach summers more energy efficient. While you can decide to run your HVAC system all summer long, one of the most cost-effective changes takes place outside… Read more »

Do you have pests in your vents? Get rid of them!

Hearing a not so cute pitter patter running through your vents? Or are you finding yourself calling your local air and heating technician to come and fix your a/c unit during those hot summers you typically find in Huntington Beach? Well there’s good news and bad news. Bad… Read more »